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Cast Bullets and the 300 Savage
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New Projects

40-65 Winchester???                                   35 Whelen

I have a Siamese Mauser that I will be converting to fire the 40-65 Winchester round.  I will be having a .410 barrel with a 1 in 18" twist fitted and chambered.
I know that the 1 in 18 ' twist will limt the weight of the bullet I will be able to use.  I'm planning on using a 335 grain cast lead bullet.  I'm not sure if a 400 grain bullet would stabilize with this twist.   
After some consideration I have decided not to do the 40-65 Winchester.  Just not strange enough.  I think I'll make a .411 Nagant.  This is a 7.62x54R case with the neck expanded out to take a .410 caliber bullet.  I have been reading about a 430 JDJ and I think the .411 Nagant will be a little more.
The case will have a neck that is .500 long.  This will give it great support for cast bullets.  I will keep the body taper the same so the cartridge will have a very small shoulder but the length will be the same as the 430 JDJ but the body is bigger.  These combination should give me  round that will match or excess the 405 Winchester in a bolt action.  I know twhat you're thinking... why not just fit a 405 Win barrel to the action?  405 Win is just too long.  I will post some pictures of the case as soon as I can get it made.

I picked up a Turkish Mauser the other day and I have had a small ring 35 Whelen barrel for sometime now.  The barrel started out as a 9X57 Mauser (the round I really want, but oh well).   It was screwed into a Model 1895 Mauser when I got it and I was too afraid to shoot the bad boy.  Now the 95 has a 300 Savage barrel on it and i'll use the Whelen barrel on the Turk.

280 Ackely Improved
I have just recieved this back from Mark Skaggs.  It's a Model 670 Winchester action with a Wilson barrel.  I will first drop it into a Winchester nylon stock and play with it until I can get a stock from Richard's.
I was able to get a set of Lee Limited production  dies last year when I was in Iraq. You have to love the internet.

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